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Pleasanton Public School is a Class D school located 20 miles north of Kearney.  The Pleasanton patrons generously buy gabapentin 100mg passed a school bond in 2013 giving the community and students a beautiful new school.

Through cooperation of students, staff, family and community our mission is to offer everyone educational opportunities to excel and become responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.


Pleasanton Public Schools is in need of kitchen help for the remainder of the school year.
Hours would be from 7:30am-2:30pm
Duties: Food preparation and clean-up

Contact Lori Wilkins- 308-240-1065

Pleasanton Public Schools is an EOE employer.

Peanut Allergy Notice
Jeff Vetter, Superintendent

This is a notice concerning the handling of the peanut allergy issue we have at Pleasanton Public Schools.  We have created a “No Peanut Zone” in our lunch room which consist primarily of one table in the Southeast corner of the lunchroom.  It is clearly marked both on that table and the wall adjacent to it.

This issue could, and unfortunately has been, a life threatening issue for some children, so we must take precautions to minimize the risk.  We have lifted the ban on peanut products since designating a specific table/area in our lunchroom as a peanut free zone after consultation with a doctor.  However, we still have children who unknowingly, or without thinking about it bring snacks or lunches that contain peanut products and, who out of habit, sit at the table designated as a peanut free zone.

Teachers have been directed to check with students each morning in an attempt to verify who may have peanut products in their snack or lunch and those students will be directed as needed to sit at a lunch table during snack and/or lunch time that is on the opposite end of the lunch room to assist us in keeping peanut products as far away from the peanut free zone as possible.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, this truly can be a life threatening issue that we must recognize and be aware of.  Thousands of people visit the emergency room each year as a result of allergic reactions to food allergies and in the United States about 75-100 people die as a result peanut allergies with another 75-100 dying from other types of food allergies.

Buffalo County Community Health Partners needs your help!  Adults 19 and older that live in Buffalo County are asked to complete a survey.  The survey link is below:

BCCHP Survey

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